10+ DIY Wine Crafts You Might Actually Do

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10+ DIY Wine Crafts You Might Actually Do

It seems like the internet is filled with DIY projects for a million things you never dreamed of, and there’s no shortage of wine-related crafts using old corks, spent bottles, wine crates, and barrels. You can get lost for days searching through images on Pinterest, and finding projects that seem fun. I spent some time digging through hundreds of projects in search of some that actually look doable. So bust out that hot glue gun, drain some more vino, and transform all that evidence of your moderate drinking problem into a respectable work of art. It’s time to have some fun.

The Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

I grew up with a mother who loved birds, which is why I know their funny names like “Tufted Titmouse” and “Rose-breasted Grossbeak”. In small numbers birds can be fairly pleasant to have around. When I went to the local bird store to buy a feeder I was pretty shocked when they wanted to fleece me out of $50 or more for what looked like a tube with some holes in it. So after returning home I did a little search and found this relatively simple project, which looks pretty easy. More info here.

DIY Wine Bottle Shelves

As a kid I remember watching the Bob Vila show, and imagining that I too could learn to build a coffee table. Those were fleeting imaginations, discouraged by too many miter saw cuts, corner angles, and funny woodworking skills I didn’t have time to learn. I just wanted to pound some nails into a few piece of wood and have it look like his end product. Now that I’m an adult, not much has changed. Though if I were inclined to take another stab at woodworking, this project would probably be fair game. More info here.

How to cut wine bottles

You’ve seen those cool wine bottles that were cut in half and turned into a candle, or maybe sliced the long way and used as a planter, but never knew how to safely cut one in half. When it comes to getting down with wine crafts, knowing how to slice and dice a bottle becomes a necessary skill that you’ll need to get half of those projects done. This is some serious Macguyver shit – apparently a piece of string, nail polish, cold water and a match is all you need to get all ninja on a glass bottle. This handy guide will take you through the process, and you don’t even need a laser cutter to get it done.  Learn how to do it the right way, and prevent any unnecessary trips to the ER to stitch up a laceration. More info here.

DIY $15 wine rack

I’ve seen similar wine racks selling for a few hundred bucks on etsy, but why spend that sort of money when you can make a badass one like this for about $15? Maybe you can slap a “reclaimed shabby chic urban wine rack” title and start making your own profits on Etsy instead. This is actually a really nice looking wine rack that appears easy to make. I just wish that an American-made brand like Craftsman sponsored the build instead of Ryobi. More info here.

Wine Cork Stamp

If you’re like me, you want something quick and easy that you can make without smashing your finger with a hammer or losing it altogether trying to cut a bottle in half. The wine stamp craft offers a fairly risk-free method for making your own stamp using a wine cork. It’s pretty easy too. All you need is a pencil, a cork, and an x-acto knife. Erlend at Morning Creativity breaks it down for you if you need the details. More info here.

Wine Cork Trivet

Here’s another one you can tackle without much risk, although every time I use Superglue I end up with a patch of missing skin or hair. I’m not sure what “trivet” is exactly but it looks like a potholder. If I had thing my way, I’d probably cut the corks in half so it rested a little lower, but that’s just me. More info here.

Mini succulents wine cork planters

Here’s one that’s easy to do and will guarantee lots of “awwww so cute!” remarks from your lady friends. Succulents are the hardest plants to kill, and seem like a fitting choice for a plant that will stay alive. More info here.

Wine bottle chandelier

This project isn’t the easiest, but it’s definitely something anyone can tackle. It uses a number of wine bottles with the bottoms cut off, an equal number of lamp sockets, wire, chain, and a solid piece of wood. If you can pull this one off it would make a great showpiece in your house. More info here.

How to make a wine bottle desk lamp

Here’s a project in the same ballpark as the chandelier, just a bit scaled down and more approachable. If you want a new desk lamp with some style just hack apart an old lamp, drill a hole in a wine bottle, and feed the cord through to the top. It’s almost that easy. “Kate’s Place” blog has the full rundown on steps involved. More info here.

Wine barrel inspired tray

If you live near a winery, chances are you can find used wine barrels for cheap. We use them as planters for flowers and veggies and they cost about $20/half or $40 for a full size one. This project is pretty involved, but very well done and includes detailed instructions and close up photos to help you get a similar look. If you don’t have access to a wine barrel that’s OK – this project shows you how to make a tray that’s inspired by one. But if you can find a real wine barrel, you can do this and a lot more with it. More info here.

Recycled wine barrel planter

Speaking of spent wine barrels and using them for planters, here’s a DIY tutorial that takes that idea further. The multi-tiered barrel looks great and holds about 2.0 cubic feet of soil for your plants. More info here.

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